Kane Carding can supply felting wool anywhere in New Zealand or the rest of the world.

We pride ourselves in supplying 100% New Zealand Merino wool from the South Island. We supply it to you as “Seed-Free” as possible. Our wool is used by fibre artists around the world and is especially suitable for beginner felters – we guarantee that it will felt!


Felting Batts (approx. 300gms / 1m x .5m)
Natural Merino $34 .00
White Merino $34..00
Dyed Merino (see our colour chart) $35.00
Crossbred Batts $25 each
Felting Sliver
White Merino – A Grade $9.00/100gm
White Merino – B Grade $8.50/100gm
Dyed Merino (see our colour chart) $9.50/100gm
Natural Fine Blends (grey or tan) $9.00/100gm
Minimum order of any one colour is 100 grams e.g. 100gms Red, 100gms Black etc.
We are happy to make up a mixed bag of assorted colours for you of whatever colours you choose.

Postage & Packaging extra

Kane Carding is committed to providing the best possible product for both the hobbyist and the commercial producer.

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