Commission Carding

Kane Carding can accept Fibre for commission carding from anywhere in New Zealand.

In addition to wool, we can card just about any other Fibre you may have – Alpaca, Angora and Mohair are just a few of the fibres we have dealt with over the years.

Our 1901 Platt carding machine is still going strong and is the same style of machine used in woollen mills around the world today.

Prices for Washing and Carding as at January 2024

Crossbred fleeces $25/kg
Merino & fine fleeces $30/kg
Blend wool with other fibres $6/kg
Alpaca $30/kg

Prices include GST

Preparing your fleece for carding

To achieve the best results from your fleece it is important to prepare it correctly before sending it to be carded.


Skirting is the operation of removing all faults and all wool that does not match the bulk of your fleece.

Lie your fleece stretched out on a flat surface.

Remove the short greasy edge pieces of wool. Remove the belly wool as it is often dirty and stained.

Remove all dags, neck wool and wool from around the legs and top knots.

Try to remove as much vegetable matter as possible eg. twigs, seeds, hay, thistles etc.. No amount of carding will remove all vegetation, it may well spread through your fleece during the carding process.

A well skirted fleece will produce a much better quality finished product.

Remember to send any instructions regarding the processing of your fibre along with your

Kane Carding is committed to providing the best possible product for both the hobbyist and the commercial producer.