Needle Felting

Needle Felting

Kane Carding can supply needle felting wool anywhere in New Zealand or the rest of the world.

Fine cross-bred wool especially suited for needle felting available in white, natural, or the following colours: Pale pink, Soft green, Bordeaux (a rose pink), Lemon, Butter yellow, Gold, Orange, Dark red, Cyclamen, Purple, Sky blue, Powder blue, Bright blue, Olive green, Dark green, Lime green, Peppermint, Turquoise, Teal, Navy, Flesh, Black, Dark brown, White, Natural grey and Natural brown.


Needle Felting
White Crossbred Wool $4.50/100gm
Natural Grey or Brown Wool $4.50/100gm
Dyed Crossbred Wool $5.50/100gm

Postage & Packaging extra

Kane Carding is committed to providing the best possible product for both the hobbyist and the commercial producer.